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Navistar Multiplexing

Navistar Multiplexing
This class covers the body controls system used on the International/Navistar NGV 4200/4300/4400/7000 series trucks. These trucks are easily identified by the chrome grill and sleek windswept hood and are commonly seen in use as tow trucks and for small business delivery. The NGV uses a complete Body Control Module (ESC) system similar to high-end cars to control all body functions such as lights, heater, A/C, radio, dash cluster gauges, cruise control and all accessories.

Since none of the switches are hard-wired, electronic diagnostics must be done for such simple things as light problems and heater controls. There is no taillight fuse in these trucks, instead they use a current limiting resistor. The ESC processor monitors amp load on each circuit and will set codes when the amp load is too low, as with a blown bulb, or too high, as with a short circuit. Learn how to do the diagnostics using only the digital dash; no laptop or scan tool is needed. This class also includes using a full electronic demonstrator board to further explain how the multiplexing system works. Taught from a technician’s point of view. A full-color training manual is provided.

Original INTUNE software and current Diamond Logic Builder software training.

Navistar Multiplexing Demonstrator Board

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